Sunday, 6 April 2008


This is a picture of Thomas in the 'costume' that he wanted to wear to school for Carnival.
If you haven't guessed already - he went as a tourist and is pointing to the sunburn on his arms!!! Although only simple, he was very pleased with the results, and more importantly, everyone guessed what he was dressed up as! LOL...
Bit late I know, but at least I'm posting!!

Come to think of it, this reminds me of me when I've been to the beach or pool, usually creating the need for copious amounts of aloe vera and aftersun!!

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Disney On Ice

We recently made it to an 'ice spectacular' presented by Disney called (surprisingly enough) - Disney on Ice..

As we wanted to surprise the kids, we didn't tell them in advance that we were going. We decided to make a weekend of it, and booked ourselves into one of our favourite little hotels in Puerto de la Cruz (the old capital of the island), the Florida.

I took this photo as we approached Santa Cruz - it was a lovely day and the vision of Mount Teide rising above us as we drove along was a sight we shall never get tired of.

As Santa Cruz is notorious for being difficult to manaovre around we took notice of the exit we needed on our way to the hotel, and made mental notes of where to get off the motorway.

We arrived early for the presentation knowing that parking would be a problem, and drove straight into a space not more more than 100 feet from the entrance! Our luck was in tonight!

We found our seats easily enough despite being bombarded with Disney people trying to sell us all sorts of paraphinalia from the show at (in my opinion) over-inflated prices.

I was pleased to discover that we were only two rows from the ice-rink itself. When I booked the tickets on-line the stadium looked like Wembley, but in reality turned out to be a much more intimate affair, whilst still being able to hold a fair capacity for it's size. As we watched people filing in from outside we told ourselves that the late-comers were still probably driving around trying to find somewhere to park, and quiety congratulated ourselves on our good fortune.

The show began and we were not dissappointed. I have always found everything that Disney does to be of the highest quality and this show proved to be no different. I was in awe of the costumes and props that were used, lavish in their design and quality. I felt like I had been transported to Disneyworld itself for the entire time of the performance and probably enjoyed it more than the kids (I never grew up when it comes to Disney!). As I nudged the kids throughout the performance, they must have grown tired of my constantly chirping in with, "This is fantastic isn't it?". They all nodded dutifully so as not to dampen my elevated spirits.

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The storyline of the show revolved around 'The Incredibles' who were on a family vacation to Disneyworld. Whilst there, their arch enemy (???) kidnaps Mickey and Minnie and holds them ransom. It is up to the Incredible family (with some help from the audience) to rescue them and set them free. Of course, all's well that end's well and a fantastic time was had by all (well me at least).

Unfortunately (not surprisingly) because everyone was skating around, most of my images are blurred, so apologies in advance. I must have spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out how to adjust the speed on my camera, but realised I was missing the show, and so gave up in favour of snapping as many photos as I could in the hope that a few of them would turn out OK..

<- Mickey and Minnie are saved (honest)

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