Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bathroom Renovation

 After many months waiting for the completion of our (small) bathroom renovation, I can finally reveal all...

Before shot of the bathroom looking directly into the bathroom.  Shows the (useless) half bath with shower, toilet and sink.  
Next shot is the corner glass shelving beside sink and door.
Next we have the work in progress shot.  Tiles off the wall (mostly).  Bath out, just waiting for tiles to go on, so that we can take out the sink and toilet.
Another shot straight on of the bathroom with shower tray cemented in, just before we tile.
Bathroom al finished... New everything!  Chocolate coloured cabinets.  Thermal mirror so that it doesn't mist up when you are taking a shower.  Wide sink so that kids can (in theory) be in there at the same time, with enough sink each to carry out their ablutions with getting in each other's way. In reality they lock the door when one of them is in there - oh well it was worth a shot...  

Ivory coloured tiles with two vertical strips of chocolate coloured tiles, with metal strips down either side.  Shown better in next shot..

Towel rails behind door.  Detail on tiles is gold fleck in a trailing effect, looks like either a weeping willow or a waterfall, depending on your perspective..!!

New cabinet beside sink and door.  Lush!

A better look at the gold fleck detailed tiles..  Photo is a bit blurry tho!

A shot straight on..  
Because the bathroom is so narrow and small, it's very hard to get any good photos that do it justice.  
Just know that we are very pleased with the end result, and it was worth every minute of the blood (Bob), sweat (Adrian) and tears (me) that went into it..

A quick word of advice for anyone hoping to attempt a renovation of any kind.  Remember that it was cost twice as much as you originally estimated & take three times as long (11 months!!), and if you are thinking of using Porcelain tiles (as we did) - I think I can honestly say there is not another substance on this earth that is as hard as Porcelain, you will need diamond tipped drill bits just to scratch the surface!!

Anyway, we are 'in' now and using it, and we love it.

Thanks for stopping by..